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About the win a holiday site.

The aim of this win free holidays website are to list free to enter online competitions with holidays, flights or cruises as prizes. So far we have been able to list 1 comp per day – it’s amazing how many chances to win a free holiday are out there – and all for free! To encourage me to carry on please feel free to leave comments around the site. I will also put a few adverts up but want to keep these to a minimum.

How to keep updated….

Good Luck, We hope you win a free holiday.
And if you do, don’t forget who you tipped you off ;)

Brief History
Launched in November 2008, we are just a baby of a site but already growing a rapid number of followers. We started life with the name but in 2009 we were christened with the name and then to mark 2012 went for a whole new design and migrated to wordpress.

The site was started by a family man named Rob Barham who needed something to do since he lost his job in a travel industry bankruptcy. Rob has worked in the travel industry for over 10 years and has been lucky enough to travel widely. A few times he won trips abroad in online competitions. Here are some of Rob’s tips on how to win a free holiday.